Lockout Tags and Controlling Hazardous Energy

Due to the extremely hazardous conditions faced by construction and industrial workers, OSHA has come up with thousands of guidelines to help decrease the number of workplace accidents. One of these guidelines is the use of lockout tags when the re-energization of any kind of equipment could hurt or...

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Posted on Dec 1, 2014

The Benefits of Using Satin Labels

Attaching tags to products is a practice that has taken off since industrialization led to mass production of items, especially textiles. Tags show the legitimacy of a product and also give practical advice, like how an individual can care for a garment. Everyone has at one time or another bought an...

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Posted on Nov 29, 2014

How to Effectively Use Package Tags

Whether you are shipping something from one end the USA to another or you need to label your belongings, package tags are the best tools for the job. These simple, easy-to-use, and inexpensive tools can make it easier to organize, ship, and store anything you need. Want to know how to use tags prope...

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Posted on Nov 27, 2014

Why You Need to Carefully Track Your Packages

Tags are most certainly the understudies of the packaging world. Signs get all the credit, don’t they? But if you think about it, you couldn’t track your packages without them. And tracking your packages is one of the most important things you can do. Why do you need to carefully track y...

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Posted on Nov 25, 2014